Man using a walker to prevent a fall

Falls are not a normal part of aging. Most falls are preventable if we can teach older adults what hazards to remove in their homes and help them increase their strength and balance.

Utah Stats

  • Falls are the leading cause of non-fatal injury-related hospital admissions among Utahns aged 65+.
  • More than half of Utahns aged 65+ who were hospitalized due to a fall were discharged to residential care or a rehabilitation facility.
  • Only 24% were able to return home.1

Ways to Prevent Injury from Falls

  • Regularly complete strength and balancing exercises.
  • Have eyes checked regularly.
  • Make  physical environment safer (rails on stairways, adequate lighting, bars on windows, sit on safe stools, don’t place obstacles in walking pathways).
  • Frequently complete a falls risk assessment.
  • Participate in evidence-based falls prevention workshop.

Falls Prevention Workshops

Falls prevention workshops can be found on the Living Well Utah website.