Utah Coalition for Protecting Childhood (UCPC)
Strategy 4

Strategy 4: Intervene to lessen harm and prevent future risk

Approach 1 - Enhance Primary Care

  • Encourage healthcare providers to incorporate the Safe Environment for Every Kid (SEEK) survey into the pediatric and family care setting.
    • Work with Medicaid and pediatricians currently implementing SEEK to explore the feasibility of applying for an 1115 waiver for Medicaid cost reimbursement of implementation of the SEEK program in all medical systems statewide.
    • Provide data and education to primary care physicians and pediatricians on the benefits of integrating the SEEK model into their practice.

Approach 2 - Encourage Policies that Implement Trauma-Informed Approaches

  • Lessen harm by increasing trauma-informed practices at the system, state, and community levels.
    • Support Trauma Informed Utah in their efforts to make Utah a trauma-informed state
    • Work with community and state-level partners to develop a plan for implementing trauma-informed approaches across the state.

Approach 3 - Increase opportunities to diversify funding for community-based -prevention services

  • Assess Children’s Trust Fund programs in other states to identify alternative funding sources.
  • Educate policymakers and legislators on the importance of funding for CAN primary prevention services at the community level.

Key strategy partners

DHHS Division of Child and Family Services

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Trauma Informed Utah

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The Alliance for the Determinants of Health

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These resources are for those working with children and parents. 
Safe Environments for Every Kid (SEEK)
Trauma informed care resources

Data guide to efforts

These resources are for those working with children and parents. 
Utah healthy places index
DCFS reports

We believe these strategies align well with the strategies/recommendations of the following agencies’ plans:

VIPP: "Encourage social norms that promote safety and health."

IGP: "Support parents as first teachers."

DHHS: "Support families and individuals in their homes, schools, workplaces, and communities for sustainable success."

VIPP: Violence and Injury Prevention Program at the Utah Department of Health.
IGP: Intergenerational Poverty Commission at the Department of Workforce Services. 
DHHS: Department of Health and Human Services. 

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