Community Connectedness


Goal 5: Promote individual, family, and community connectedness

Connectedness encompasses both family connection and support, as well as community violence. Connectedness is a shared protective factor across suicide, falls, substance abuse, motor vehicle, interpersonal violence, child maltreatment, and traumatic brain injury topic areas.

Evidence-based or evidence informed approaches to promote individual, family, and community connectedness:

1. Conduct mentoring programs
2. Develop after-school programs
3. Conduct peer norm programs
4. Hold community engagement activities

Success is:

    • Increase the number of days that a family eats together
    • Increase the proportion of residents living in same neighborhood for 5 or more years
    • Decrease the number of poor mental health days in the past 7 days
    • Increase the percentage of registered voters voting in last election
    • Increase the number of civic, social, religious, political, and business organizations per 10,000