Build & Manage an Injury or Violence Prevention Program

How to Build an Injury and Violence Prevention Program

A joint work group of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the Safe States Alliance have developed standards for a model local health department (LHD) injury and violence prevention (IVP) program. 

The Standards and Indicators are presented as a description of what would exist in a model LHD injury and violence prevention program in rural, suburban and urban jurisdictions.  The standards, indicators, and methods of documentation are not inclusive, but are meant to help the LHD IVP program review its current efforts and identify potential areas for strengthening the program and future growth. 

Standards and Indicators for Local Health Department Injury and Violence Prevention Programs

How to Build and Manage an Injury and Violence Prevention Coalition

As a representative of your agency you may either choose or be asked to lead an existing community coalition or start a new coalition.  A coalition can be an effective way to maximize resources in a community around an injury or violence prevention topic. Participants however can lose interest quickly if they find their participation has no direct impact on their own personal interests or organization. A Safe Kids Coalition is one of the groups you may find your self involved with or even leading. Below are some helpful resources from Safe Kids USA to that can serve as a helpful guide in successfully building and managing a Safe Kids Coalition but they my help you with other groups as well.

Where do I start?

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Children  0-14:

Adults 25-64:

Older Adults 65+:

How can I focus efforts and keep momentum?

Click on the links below for resources to help you develop and manage a Safe Kids Coalition:


How to Fund Injury and Violence Prevention Activities

Potential Funding Sources

Maternal and Child Health Block Grant  

For more information contact the Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program.

Preventive Block Grant

For more information about Prevention Block Grants:  Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant or the Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program.

Highway Safety Office Grants

For more information contact the Utah Highway Safety Office.

Safe Kids Utah

For more information contact the Utah Safe Kids Coordinator.

National Alliance On Mental Illness 

For more information contact NAMI UTAH 

Utah Poison Control Center

For more information contact  Utah Poison Control Center.